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Why Is It Important To Check The Brakes

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  • 02-09-2021
Why Is It Important To Check The Brakes

Why is it important to check the brakes of your car? This article looks at what to do if brakes fail and how you can prevent brake problems with testing.

As a car owner, you always need to ensure that you are keeping up to date with your vehicle's maintenance. One of the most vital parts of your vehicle's system that you should regularly keep your eye on is the braking mechanism. The brakes are arguably the most important component of your whole vehicle when it comes to safety.

If you do not have the ability to stop in order to avoid an accident, then you could end up causing horrific damage not only to yourself and your vehicle but to other people too. 

Below are some warning signs you should keep in mind for brake system maintenance. 

What To Do If Brakes Fail?

If your car's brakes fail while you are in the driver's seat, then try not to panic. Here is what you should do.

First, downshift your vehicle into a lower gear and pump the brakes. Pump the brakes fast and hard enough so that there will be a build-up in brake fluid pressure.

If the brakes are still not working after you pump the brake pedal four or five times, then you should attempt to use the parking brake in order to slow down and stop your vehicle.

You should apply the parking brake slowly and gradually. Your car is likely to skid, which may seem scary, but if your parking brake is working properly, then the car will eventually come to a stop.

If none of your car's brakes is working, then you should steer your vehicle in a safe direction until it stops. While you are steering, be careful to avoid obstacles.

In the event that your brakes stop working, you should also honk your car's horn and activate your hazard lights. This will warn other drivers that you are having car problems and will help to reduce the risk of their being an accident or collision.

Once your vehicle has come to a complete stop, you should turn off the engine and signal for help. You should then find an auto mechanic who can inspect and repair your car's brakes.

Why Is It Important To Check The Brakes?

Even if you have only the smallest amount of knowledge about the internals of a car, you can still very easily check the brake pads on a vehicle. A standard brake pad should be at the very least about a quarter of an inch thick. If the brake pads on your car appear to be any thinner than this, then you need to bring your car into a garage to be looked at right away.

If you are hearing squeaking or squealing sounds when you are using your vehicle's breaks, then it can be a definite warning sign that you should get your brake system checked out. This sound can possibly mean a couple of things. The sound could be the vehicle's warning sound to indicate that the brakes are in need of some kind of repair. This sound will usually come from the braking system itself underneath your vehicle.

The other reason for the sound could be that your brake pads are completely worn through. This means that the sound you are hearing is actually the metal of the brake calipers grinding against the tyre. This is clearly very bad for both the calipers and the tyre. The cost of the repairs needed to fix the issues caused will rise by the day.

If when you let go of the wheel your car has a tendency to pull towards one side, then it can be a sign that the brake caliper is stuck. There is a chance that it could be something else, but just to be safe, we would recommend getting your brakes looked at by a qualified and trained mechanic. Especially if you are dealing with a European vehicle.

If you have ever needed to slam on the brakes out of nowhere, then you will know how the pedals in your car will jostle around when the anti-lock brake system comes into action. If you find that this kind of pedal jostling is happening just under normal braking manoeuvre circumstances, then it is absolutely time to bring your car to a trained mechanic so it can be looked at. A vibrating brake pedal can be a sign of worn brake rotors.

How Do Brake Testers Work?

The brake testing mechanism will safely measure the maximum braking force of a vehicle while the vehicle is completely stationary. The mechanism consists of an automated weighing system that can accurately calculate the braking capabilities of a vehicle.

The brake tester consists of weighing cells that reside on each side of the unit.  There is also a safety roller that can detect when a vehicle is in attendance of the tester. This mechanism will also monitor any tyre slippage detected.

When a vehicle is driven onto a brake tester, the car's wheels are located centrally between the two large main rollers. The brake tester is designed so that it has a gritted surface. This is done to ensure the maximum amount of tyre protection, and also to simulate a common road surface.

Once all of a vehicle's details have been entered into the tester, the rollers will then be automatically switched on. They will rotate at a pre-determined consistent speed. The vehicle's brakes are then applied by whoever is operating the vehicle, creating a force on the motor.

A transducer is then used to measure the braking force of each individual wheel as the vehicle decelerates. During this process, the fluctuation is also measured. This is done to regulate the safe balance between the braking force of near and off side wheels.

The difference is calculated and presented in percentage form. With the majority of testers, the user will be able to operate the brake tester unit while also sitting inside the vehicle being tested. 

This is done through the use of a remote control that is connected to the control station. The rollers being run are very smooth and automatic, this means that the operator will be able to feel any kind of binding or grab that occurs while the test is taking place and they are sat within the vehicle.

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