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What Does A Wheel Alignment Do

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  • 13-10-2021
What Does A Wheel Alignment Do

What does a wheel alignment do? This article looks at how to know if you need a wheel alignment and why tire alignment matters.

What Does a Wheel Alignment Do Exactly?

Paint chipping and scratches are only a few ways your vehicle can become damaged by driving; over time, your tires wear down due to the friction - ultimately leading to them needing to be replaced.  

With frequent rotation, this will not become a regular alignment, however, if your tires need replacing on a monthly basis, you may need a wheel alignment.

Wheel alignment is when a car's suspension is modified; it's known as "alignment". The key to efficient and effective alignment is angle adjustment of the tyres, as we can determine how they make contact with the road - reducing their wear and tear due to the friction.

We can ensure that your alignment is in good working order. Tires are the vehicle's legs; without them, we wouldn't be able to travel. We care about your safety and the life of your vehicle. If you're having any troubles or differences when driving, it's critical to have things checked out.

What Does A Wheel Alignment Do?

A wheel alignment is a mechanical modification to your suspension system that ensures your wheels are in the proper place. It is also known as tracking or tyre alignment. 

Wheel alignments are vital because out-of-alignment wheels can create problems such as tyres wearing out rapidly or unevenly, as well as a less pleasant driving or riding experience.

Bad alignment can cause faster or uneven tyre wear, as well as jeopardise the tyre's hold on the road, particularly in wet weather. It can even result in a blowout in extreme circumstances, thus alignment is required as a safety precaution.

Misaligned tyres might cause your automobile to move jerkily or vibrate. Scrubbing will occur when dragging a misaligned vehicle, producing resistance to the road surface and lowering vehicle fuel efficiency. Because accelerated wear means you'll have to replace your tyres more frequently, alignment is also vital from a budgetary aspect. If no other faults are causing the problem, an alignment may be able to assist. 

Worn tyres diminish gas mileage and make it difficult to drive straight and in one direction. Your fuel efficiency will suffer if your alignment is improper, whether you drive a sports car or a classic. 

For wheel alignment, we may offer vehicle details. With our specialist equipment, we can make sure that your wheels and machine spins in just the right way; with our new tires, we can prevent weight imbalance and uneven distribution across all four wheels.

What Goes On During A Wheel Alignment

With us, you won't have to listen to any horrid screeching from your back or front wheels. Wheel alignment influences a vehicle's handling abilities, which can affect overall safety, it's an important part of vehicle maintenance.

Apart from the safety and handling advantages, maintaining good alignment may help extend the life of your tyres and reduce wear, ensuring you get the most bang for your money while also improving fuel economy.

We can service your car at any time of the year and at your convenience. Proper wheel alignment improves vehicle control and steering while also reducing braking distances as compared to mismatched cars.

Our extensive service offerings and years of experience are certain to impress you. We have the necessary information and understanding to contribute and quickly deal with any issue, so you can leave as soon as you enter.

We like customers to learn that they can always enter our doors when they need an efficient service. Our immaculate service always shocks customers; we strive to fill every gaping problem your vehicle is experiencing - we like it when everyone struts away from our service. 

Whether you need your tires aligning or your steering wheel re-centred, we've got you covered, simply come and visit our website

What Goes On During A Wheel Alignment; Camber, Toe, Caster Checks

A wheel alignment - or "tyre alignment" - relate to the suspension being returned to its original settings within your vehicle's tyres. This comes down to modifying three variables - toe, caster and camber.

How much your tyres horizontally point out is known as "toe"; camber is similar to toe; however, it is vertically positioned rather than horizontally. Caster is the angle formed by the steering wheel's pivot points - both higher and lower - alongside the tyre's contact patches.

Our technicians can modify the different suspension components during a wheel alignment; we reposition the toe, camber and caster back where they should be.

It's important that wheel alignment is distinct from a wheel or tyre balance; the two are often serviced simultaneously. The suspension is adjusted during an alignment, and balancing the wheels depends on their weight.

Our skilled mechanics and technicians can align any model of car and provide all services and safety measures to an impeccable standard. By adjusting the weight and suspension of the car, the wheels can be mounted on a balancing machine while we restore the vehicle settings. 

We make sure that your wheels and tires don't pull to one side when turning around a curb - our services are completed to an excellent standard and eradicate any semblance of imbalance. 

We check every perimeter and rim of your car when your steering wheels or tires are aligned, we hate for your car to be off-centre.

Our car maintenance not only helps your car, but it also helps you. We believe it's within our customers' rights to have a perfect vehicle, and it's within their rights to be provided with an unfaultable service. Contact us today to discuss your car issues, we service all types of cars. 

Thanks to our specialist equipment, we can service thousands of cars. We never waste our customer's time or our own. So if you think it's time for your car to have a steering wheel check and alignment, contact us today. We aim to do things right from the beginning, and it all starts with these three components. Our variety of services is provided on time and with a friendly attitude.

Camber, Toe, Caster


Caster angle, which relates to the angle of the steering wheel's axis, aids in balancing steering, cornering, and stability.

When you have a positive caster, the steering wheel's axis tilts towards the driver, and when you have a negative caster, the steering wheel axis tilts towards the front of your car.


When inspecting your tyre alignment, our mechanics are primarily concerned with the camber, toe and caster.

Worn bearing, wheel suspension and ball joints are the main components to cause camber misalignment.

However, if there is an excessive inward or outward tilt, this could mean that there is incorrect alignment - this is also known as positive and negative camber.


Toe alignment is vastly unique compared to camber alignment as it relates to how much your tyres can spin inwards and outwards when viewed from above.

Toe misalignment occurs when the tyres are tilted in the same direction; and when servicing them, both tyres need to be tweaked and realigned.

Camber, Toe and Caster are by far the three most important elements that need to be examined for misalignment within your automobile, particularly the tyres, since they might be dangerous. Fortunately for you, our knowledgeable crew knows exactly what to do if your tyres require realignment.

How do I know if I need a wheel alignment?

If your tyres need to be aligned, there are a few signs to notice and processes to follow. We recommend that you have your alignment examined if you observe one or more of these dangers.

Off-centre steering wheels, uneven tread wear, steering vibrations, and a general propensity to lean to the right or left are all potential hazards.

These are all evident signs that your vehicle needs alignment by our professionals. If you've noticed anything odd about your vehicle, note down the symptoms you have found and bring your vehicle straight to us. 

We have performed our services many times and always provide a brilliant result - we leave nothing misaligned or unbalanced.

How Do I Know If I Need A Wheel Alignment?

Our technology allows you to land back on your feet; with us, everybody benefits from our services. If you have a problem, we've got you covered, simply book an appointment, and we'll make sure any alignment is corrected. We take away the strain of car troubles. You're bound to come across bumps and potholes when driving; naturally, your tyre's suspension helps to lessen the impact. However, these impacts uneven the suspension components and their optimal settings - causing your wheels and tyres to be misaligned.

If your vehicles' wheels or tyres are dealt with a constant amount of suspension from potholes, they are slowly going to become out of alignment. If you improperly lower your vehicle's suspension, you run the risk of misaligning your tyres.

Your tyres must be rotated regularly to ensure that they wear down evenly - a misaligned wheel produces uneven tyre wear, which can "feather". 

Feathering occurs when the tread is smooth on one side but sharp and brittle on the other; alternatively, the tread may be worn out on the outside rather than the inside or centre; it's not just tyre wear that can indicate your wheels need to be aligned.

Tyres can affect vehicle handling after a certain degree of wear, the steering wheel may shake due to the tyres becoming unequal because of wear. 

Your vehicle may begin to pull itself towards one side; if you're attempting driving straight, you may have to rotate the wheel a significant amount to do so - this is an indication that you need a wheel alignment. Alignments are not just essential for cars but also motorcycles too.

Why Tire Alignment Matters

If you find that your vehicle pulls left or right when making contact with the road, you may need a steering wheel alignment. Our car maintenance and alignment service provides what you need. We can offer proper alignment services.

Proper alignment ensures that any uneven tire wear will be fixed - we can service both front or back wheels and even provide a four-wheel alignment if the suspension components are in dire need of repair.

When your tires are aligned, we make sure to permanently fix any incorrect wheel alignment, so your vehicle's wheels are in perfect condition. We also provide wheel balancing, tire balancing, tire alignment, vehicle suspension and more! We are always ready to help solve your car issues.

So, if you need an alignment, feel free to contact us. We love lending a helping hand. Any hour you need us, we'll be here to help - if you have the problems, we have the answers.

We veer your vehicle into the right direction and save you the trouble of worrying - our service connects effectiveness and efficiency. We have the best service to date, so if you're searching for quality service, we can give your car the miles it deserves. Simply make a note of your problems and when your car fails prematurely; for us, our work is our play. 

We like to help as much as we can. You no longer have to wait for a service as we work when you see fit, moving your car into the perfect state it should be in. We continue to be highly recommended for efficiency and comfort; we make the necessary changes with your consent with no extra costs added.

Why Tire Alignment Matters

Inadequate wheel or tyre alignment can cause uneven and early tyre wear. The tread on a tyre is considered to be "feathered" when it is smooth on one side and sharp on the other. There are many signs and signals to indicate that cars need maintaining and replacement; feathered tires slow the speed.

We can correct the position of these systems and keep your machine under control; we welcome a whole body of cars to be serviced by our technicians. When your tyres are not aligned, your car will have to work more to maintain straightness, resulting in higher fuel usage.

Misalignment can reduce fuel economy by 10% in the worst-case scenario. Without correct alignment, your car's tyres are dragged straight, putting additional pressure on the treads and causing early wear.

The worn tyre is more prone to punctures, loss of pressure, and abrupt "blowouts" if the tread degradation goes untreated. Vehicle damage and even accidents can occur as a result of blowouts.

Tire Balancing

In most cases, incorrect toe alignment is to a fault. Camber wear is a form of tread wear that occurs when the inside or outside of the tread is much more worn than the centre of the tread. This form of wear is caused by positive or negative camber, as the name suggests.

Heel or toe wear occurs when one side of your tread block wears down quicker than the other in a circumferential manner. When you run your fingertips down the tread from the side, it looks and feels like saw teeth. Under-inflation and a lack of rotation may be indicated by heel or toe wear.

If you see any of these unusual wear patterns, have your alignment examined. While avoiding tyre wear is a good reason to maintain your wheels aligned, the impacts of misalignment may also be apparent in overall vehicle performance. A car that pulls to one side or steers erratically, for example, most certainly has an alignment problem.

Having your tires aligned is a necessity when servicing your car or vehicle; we can make sure that your wheel misalignment is fixed, and we'll get your wheel alignment checked. We hate for customers to spend their fuel consumption running from one mechanic to another - we can permanently solve any alignment issues for you.

Nobody wants their tyres to wear out, but our team can take care of any form of tyre wear. Correct tyre air pressure distributes your vehicle's weight evenly throughout the tread pattern of the rubber, making the tyre – and the car itself – as stable as possible. 

When a tyre is under-or over-inflated, it loses stability, which harms handling, cornering, and stopping. This may result in tire wear. Out of balance tires can cause the tire to be scalloped or cupped, which suggests damaged shocks or struts. Tire wear can indicate a worn steering or suspension component, incorrect tire pressure, or a vehicle that is out of alignment.

Tire Balancing

Tire or wheel balancing, as opposed to tyre alignment, refers to compensating for any weight imbalances in the tire/wheel combination and is frequently performed in conjunction with wheel alignment. Two forms of tire and wheel imbalance must be corrected: static (single plane) and dynamic (dual plane). 

Static balance is concerned with equilibrium on a single plane - vertical movement, which can create vibration. A dynamic imbalance, on the other hand, deals with balance in two planes: vertical and lateral movement. Both sorts of imbalance need the employment of specialised balancing equipment to make things level out.

Tire or wheel balancing

To begin balancing your tyres, a specialist will place them on the proper rims and adjust the pressure to the ideal inflation level. The tyres are then mounted on the centre bore of a balancing machine. The machine spins the tyre at high speeds to determine the unbalance of the wheel and tyre combination. 

It specifies how much weight the technician should use to balance the tyre and where that weight is needed. Tire balancing, like wheel alignment, is essential for proper tyre care since it avoids premature tyre wear. 

Having your tyres aligned and balanced can help you maximise the lifespan and general performance of your car.

Misaligned tyres and wheels can cause poor fuel efficiency, rapid or uneven wear, vibrations in the steering wheel, and other handling concerns. However, the underlying difficulties and their remedies are fundamentally different. 

A wheel alignment

After installing new tyres, the wheels must be balanced to compensate for different weights inside the tyre and rim assembly, allowing the wheel to function smoothly when driving. 

A technician will use a balancing machine to determine the imbalance and then add weights to the wheel to correct it. A wheel alignment is a separate process that necessitates the use of specialised equipment to adjust the numerous angles of contact that a tyre has with the road surface.

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