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4T, 5.6m Four Post Vehicle Lift

With 5.6m platform lengths, the B441-560 is well equipped to deal with the ever growing range of vehicles on the road today. Approved for both class 4 and class 7 testing, this lift is the ideal solution for workshops wishing to increase their revenue.

  • Reinforced drive-up ramps / drive-over plates
  • Drive-through or reverse-off configurations
  • Heavy duty, high quality platforms & reinforced substructure
  • Wide 630mm platforms for safer testing of larger vehicles
  • Hydraulics & motor on outside edge of front column for maximum working space
  • Safety ladder-racks on all posts
  • Safety switches and lock release solenoids mounted internal of the crossbeam to avoid potential damage
  • Cross beam pulley covers
  • Control system and safety electric solenoids all made in UK
  • Ruggedized torch controls
  • 24V APC / inspection lamp outlets at each corner
  • Wide range of optional extras (See Tech Specs)